How a School Bus with Wi-Fi Saves Time for Students

Whether you are someone who needs to stay up to date with work or school, or you simply want to keep informed during the day, it is important for everyone to use their time wisely. Many students these days use their time on the bus as a place for doing homework. Some students even take the opportunity to catch up on e-mail or social media.

K-12 learners in a day spend around 40 minutes in their bus riding. It means the students use 120 hours in a year in the 180 days they are in school. In a better perspective, the time the students spend on the school bus is long. It’s equal to the duration to get a bachelor’s degree. The 120 hours spend equal to 20 school days. All this time accounts for only the students’ time on bus rides commuting to and from school. The students who take part in interschool activities spend much extra time on the bus. Together with other school programs, the field trips make them spend more time on the school bus.

There is a need for students to fully use this time.

Making homework zones

Many schools are adopting a 1:1 program. It provides its students with gadgets to use while in and outside the school. Many teachers give homework that needs internet access. Students have tablets and laptops; their homework is digital; they use the bus for 40 minutes a day. The one thing these students miss is the internet connection. The bus becomes a homework area where students will tackle their homework. Homework zones help to manage their behavior while on board.

More time for extracurriculars

Research shows that many learners take part in school extracurricular activities. Many older students do part-time jobs and take part in sports. Installing WI-FI on bus will enable them to undertake their homework on the bus. They will have ample time to take part in other activities or sleep.

When you have a WI-FI school bus, it adds the students 150 hours a year to internet access. They will have more time to tackle their homework. Students who come from far will spend more than 40 minutes on the school bus rides. They are the greatest beneficiaries of this program.

The bus shortages in remote areas make students spend more time on long routes. They may have more than one-hour bus rides every day. Installation of bus WI-FI is a simple way of making good use of the students’ time on the bus.

The central school of Palmyra Macedon in New York has their bus fitted with a WI-FI. It’s a blended connectivity program that makes the connectivity more crucial.

The program benefits students who get home as late as 10:00 pm. They can do homework in bus environment before arriving at their homes.


The WI-FI installation program in school buses is very vital. A college student doing homework on the bus is a common practice. It gives students enough time to tackle the homework without necessarily having to do it at home. Those on long commutes will do their homework while on board.

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