My best teacher appeared mean and scary in the eyes of those who never stepped into her class. As her students, we encouraged these rumors. We bolstered our reputation because of the secure knowledge she had. She was brave in defending us.

As a survivor of childhood abuse, a columnist wrote something about my favorite teacher essay. The teacher changed her life. The teacher made her forget things that were waiting for her at home. Here is my short letter to my favorite teacher:

A favorite teacher is passionate about her subject. She will not only teach the subject but share incredible secrets that she had. She was enthusiastic and asked her students about her assignments and lectures. She also asked about test questions. She could ask if the students needed more of them.

A good teacher is demanding. She always had zero commands in her class. You don’t do things right; you score a zero. Students had to be keen on question instructions. They had to do homework and submit, study for exams and follow the guidelines.

She was a flexible teacher. Her policy on zero tolerance got tempered with common sense. In case you fail to do an assignment because of an excellent genuine reason, she would understand.

She was constantly criticizing us, but at no point did she ever demean the students. She understood her class and what the students were capable of doing. She never demanded more than what the class could meet. She was strict on the completion of assignments and class attendance. She never went personal in her attacks.

She was a fair teacher. She must have had favorites as a human being, but she never exposed students to know about it. To my favorite teacher, we were all equal. A good teacher will always love all her students.

A favorite teacher is mean and scary but only in the eyes of those students who have never attended her class. Her class encouraged the rumors as they circulated. They bolstered about the bravery they had to withstand her class. She was unwedgeable in defending and protecting her students every time.

She demanded respect. She dealt with students respectfully and demanded that the students respect each other. The class was a family as we took care of one another without any prejudice or excuses.

She got involved in the learning sessions. She bullied her students into getting involved too. She could take the lead in everything and offered the needed guidance to achieve the results. She would volunteer to be an advisor of the school paper but demand the students to write. She would request students to meet her at the books group meetings. The students ought to be independent in this area.

She was the teacher who didn’t make jokes, even hung out in school halls, or even tried to be our friend. The teacher never lowered her standards for us. We always had to meet her expectations and seek her level.

She was enthusiastic, involved, captivated and interesting. She always indicated that we are all fascinating and unique individuals.


A teacher needs to be a good role model for students to emulate the character traits. You should be loving without conditions and favors to make the students love the subject.